Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard PXE-E05

Using the Intel BIOS Recovery flash procedure to repair a broken PXE Boot Agent ( boot error PXE-E05 ) on an Intel BoneTrail ( DX48BT2 ) motherboard.

When updating the BIOS of an Intel “BoneTrail” ( DX48BT2 ) motherboard recently, I discovered that any BIOS update past v1782 would break the PXE boot functionality of the built-in network card.

The actual network functionality itself remained fine, but the ability to boot via PXE was lost.

The error message displayed at boot was:

PXE-E05: The LAN adapter’s configuration is corrupted or has not been initialized.  The Boot Agent cannot continue.

Reflashing the BIOS back to the last working version (v 1782 (2008/07/16)) made the agent work again, but left the system with no way to upgrade the BIOS.

Regular flashing wouldn’t fix anything, but it turns out that Intel has a “BIOS Recovery” boot mechanism.

It requires a CD-ROM be burned with the Recovery BIOS image on it (not as a bootable CD, just as a file in the root directory of the CD).  Then, the “BIOS Recovery” jumper must be removed from the motherboard, and the machine is booted, which causes it to read the CD, and initiate a 5 minute flash process.

This recovery mode flash worked well to restore the PXE Boot Agent and the latest version of the BIOS.

[By the way, thanks to Intel support person “Jose”, whom I spoke with via Intel’s online support chat applet.]


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