Bookmarklet – Firefox Google Translate with Language Prompt

Most of the internet is written in English.  There are web services like Google Translate that can translate non-English pages, but using them requires a distracting trip to Google.

To simplify the process, here is a bookmarklet that takes the current URL and sends it to Google Translate directly.

To create a bookmarklet for Firefox 3 that translates the current web-page from another language to english, create a bookmark and set the bookmark properties to the following values:


Google Translate - Prompt



Location (again, this time not encoded, although wordpress seems to maul the quotes and plusses this way):

javascript:var language=prompt("Enter source language code: \n\n automatic - au\n arabic - ar\n chinese simplified - zh-CN\n chinese traditional - zh-TW\n french - fr\n german - de\n italian - it\n korean - ko\n portuguese - pt\n russian - ru\n spanish - es\n","au"); if (language != null) { location="" + encodeURIComponent(language) + "&tl=en&u=" + encodeURIComponent(location); }




Bookmarklet prompts for the source language of the currently-displayed web-page, and then sends it to google translate with the proper URL to tranlate it (to english). This bookmarklet is based on Google Translation bookmarklet from


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