(WIP) Bookmarklet – PRTG (Toggle all Graph Checkboxes)

PRTG by Paessler is a fairly decent monitoring program, which can monitor a number of “sensors” for changes (for example, monitoring a server’s Ping time).

PRTG has a decent AJAX-based Web UI graphing interface for showing the channels of a sensor. It even has the ability to check/uncheck the channels you want to see on a graph.


[Update: This issue is fixed (Show All / Hide All) as of early 2014 editions of PRTG, but I will leave this here in case someone wants to use it as a base for other PRTG ‘bookmarklets’]


One of the things PRTG seemed to be missing, however, is the ability to check or uncheck all channels quickly.

If you have a sensor with 50 channels, unchecking them was a nuisance.

Here is a work-in-progress bookmarklet (tested in Firefox 12) to toggle the checked/unchecked state of all the Graph checkboxes on a PRTG sensor page.

Note: It’s functional for me, at least, but only toggles, not “checks” or “unchecks”, so it’s still rough at best.



Location (needs to be all on one line, with spaces replaced by %20 characters):



bookmarklet, firefox, prtg, checkboxes, toggle

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